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At Azra Games, we are dedicated to one thing and one thing only: RPGs. Our story stretches back to 2008, when our CEO Mark Otero fulfilled his childhood dream by launching his first game studio in the storage room above his yogurt shop in midtown Sacramento. The success of Mark’s first game led to the studio’s acquisition by EA, where Mark and a team of RPG experts developed several blockbuster titles, including Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, one of the highest-grossing mobile games of all time.

Now, this experienced team is reunited at Azra Games, ready to create the next generation of role-playing games. We strongly believe that video games offer limitless opportunities for storytelling, captivating players of all ages. It is our greatest pleasure to bring these games to life for you.

Forging the Next Generation

of Role-Playing Games

Our mission is to create games that are so satisfying and immersive that players remember them for life.

Our vision is to introduce our players to a dark fantasy aesthetic combined with kinetic action RPG combat for the first time on mobile.

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Reunited, key members of the Azra Team are leveraging their shared past to craft a new, unforgettable gaming experience.

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